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About Us

Scutella Wines Sparkling Red Wines

How our journey started

From South Australia to Switzerland

Growing up in South Australia, Rob was fortunate to be surrounded by some of the most beautiful vineyards in the world. His father, a self-proclaimed sommelier, imparted his knowledge and love of wine onto Rob, sparking a lifelong fascination with the world of wine.

During a trip to Australia, Ninette had her first taste of a Sparkling Red Wine and was thoroughly impressed. The complex blend of dark berries, violets, pepper, and oak flavors made a lasting impression on her, and they were eager to share this experience with others. With a shared passion for this unique wine, Ninette and Rob decided to take matters into their own hands, founding a company dedicated to importing and distributing premium Sparkling Red Wines from Australia to the Swiss market. 

Now, alongside their successful careers as legal professionals in the financial services industry, they channel their passion into providing customers with a delightful taste of the exceptional wines crafted in South Australia.

About Scutella Wines

Embrace the sparkle, savor the red

At Scutella Wines, we’re dedicated to meeting consumer demand for new wine styles in an ever-evolving market. As independent importers and distributors, we import only original bottled wines from reputable Australian wineries. Our hand-picked Sparkling Red Wines offer an attractive price-performance ratio. 

Enjoy special moments with a glass of our Sparkling Red Wine.

Ninette and Rob

sparkling red wine from australia online shop

Discover our Sparkling Red Wines

Pop, Fizz, Sip: Experience the Bubbles of Joy with our Sparkling Red Wines

red sparkling wine for your special event from australia in switzerland

Directly from sunny Australia to Switzerland

Indulge in the flavors of Australian Sparkling Red Wine, straight from the sunny vineyards of Australia, now available directly in Switzerland. Experience the unique taste of these exceptional wines, handpicked and imported with care by us.

Sustainably grown under the Australian sun

Discover the taste of Australian Sparkling Red Wine, sustainably grown under the Australian sun and imported directly to Switzerland. Experience the rich flavors of dark berries, violets, pepper, and oak, while also supporting environmentally conscious and vegan-friendly farming methods.

red sparkling wine for your special event from australia in switzerland

Perfect accompaniment for special moments

We take pride in offering our customers a wide selection of premium wines that have been carefully selected by us. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a business looking to stock up on high-quality wine for your customers, Scutella Wines has you covered.

Get to know more about Australian Sparkling Red Wine

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