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For many people, Sparkling Red Wines are an unknown wine style. With Sparkling Red Wines popping up on more and more wine lists, it could be time to consider expanding your palate from the usual prosecco to something a little different.

Australian Sparkling Red Wines are a type of sparkling wine that is known for their deep purple-red hue and richness, typically fermented from Shiraz and Pinot Noir grapes. Sparkling Red Wines go through two fermentation processes. While it’s fermenting, the wine sits with its skins for a bit, which gives the wine its red color. The longer it sits with its skins, the deeper the color. During its second fermentation is where sparkling wine gets its bubbles.

Of all the countries worldwide, Australia, Italy and Moldova are famous for their Sparkling Red Wines. In Australia, the introduction of Sparkling Red Wines dates back to the late 19th century. Australian Sparkling Red Wines were called “Sparkling Burgundy” until the EU banned the use of this term. The first recorded production of Sparkling Burgundy in Australia was in 1881 through a partnership between a Melbourne doctor and French champagne producer Auguste D’Argent, who together formed the Victorian Champagne Company.

This was followed in 1893 by the creation of a Shiraz sparkling wine by French winemaker Edmond Mazure at Auldana in Adelaide, South Australia and the beginning of Hans Irvine’s time at the Great Western Winery, where he also used local Shiraz grapes with Charles Pierlot. Benno Seppelt took over the management of this historic winery in 1918, and to this day Seppelt Great Western is known for its sparkling red wines.

Sparkling Red Wines are the perfect choice to spice up special occasions and add delicious indulgence to any festive celebration. 

Sparkling Red Wines are often enjoyed as aperitifs,  and a glass of our Teussner Sparkling Red Wine is sure to steal the show during dessert. However, the wine style has the character to stand up to food too. As Sparkling Red Wines usually have more fruit, body and structure than sparkling whites and rosés, they can be very versatile with food.

Today, Australia is acknowledged as one of the largest and most diverse wine-producing nations. It is a vast continent with an almost infinite variety of stylistic possibilities. The wine business today is booming and there is a very high demand in Europe for authentic and high-quality Australian wines, especially in the upper-price segment.

In the past, nothing said celebration like a bottle of prosecco or champagne, but that has been changing in Australia for a number of years. Australian prestige Sparkling Red Wines are taking their place as celebratory wines for small and big occasions – and not just for festive occasions. Sparkling Red Wines in all shapes and styles are foaming in glasses at brunches, dinners, picnics and parties everywhere. Welcome to the Australian Sparkling Red Wine scene!

Sparkling Red Wines vary in style from very dry to semi-sweet in taste and from deep rosé to ruby in colour. Filled with exotic spices, rich red fruits, velvety tannins and beautiful bubbles, they can be made from several red wine grapes including Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet, Chambourcin, Pinot Noir and Durif.

Sparkling Red Wine should be stored in a dark, temperature-controlled room that stays around 12 degrees celsius or cooler. Like all sparkling wines, sparkling reds should be served chilled and we therefore recommend putting it in the fridge for about 30 minutes before drinking.

These are the 3 best known Australian Sparkling Red Wines:

Sparkling Shiraz

Shiraz is both a type of red wine and a grape variety and it has been described as “uniquely Australian” Sparkling shiraz is often a sparkling red with the varietal characteristics of a regular shiraz. Sparkling Shiraz is medium bodied and typical flavors include Blackberry, Pepper, Brown Sugar and Licorice. It usually ranges between 12 – 15% ABV and is thus considered one of the stronger Sparkling Reds.

Sparkling Merlot

Whilst Australia is most renowned for the Sparkling Shiraz, the equally impressive Merlot variety is a very unique twist of this style with its intense rich, plump and fruity characters with soft and fine tannins that makes it thoroughly appealing for all occasions – especially in cooler temperatures. If you are looking for  something different with a lively palate with a delicate creaminess without strong acidity, then try a moreish Sparkling Merlot.

Sparkling Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are a popular choice for making this modern Sparkling Red Wine. The flavours are rich and complex with notes of cassis, blackberry and violet, together with smooth flavours of chocolate and truffle. A fantastic variety that gains intricacy and suppleness when stored properly.

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